Veguary deducts a 5% fee from each donation made through the website, an additional 3.4% plus 0.20p is taken to cover our PayPal transaction costs. In return we help our fundraisers raise money more efficiently and by leaving the time costly time consuming stuff to us, our Veguarians can focus on completing their challenge.

What we're doing for our 5% fee

  • Running, monitoring 24/7 and constantly improving Veguary's website so we can provide a better service.

  • Constantly updating our free starter pack with helpful insights to assist our users as much as we can.

  • Providing dedicated customer service for our users whenever they need it.

  • Maintaining an efficient means of collecting and calculating donations via our Get Funding application.

  • Never spamming our users, selling anything or passing personal details on to third parties, ever.

  • Working with charities to try and add new features for next years event.

  • Running Advertising campaigns to bring in more donors and more fundraisers.

Here’s how we charge our 5% fee

  1. It's free to sign up and receive a Veguary fundraising page.

  2. We'll send everything raised to the fundraiser directly, minus our 5% fee and PayPal charges (3.4% + 20p per donation).

  3. The 5% fee is taken from the total amount raised on your Veguary page, including any funds raised above your target. 

Amount collected:


Our 5% fee:


PayPal charges (3.4% + 20p per donation)


Net total:



*This is amount is dependent on the number of donations.

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