Veguary is the only campaign saving two birds with one phone. We promote

 more sustainable, healthier eating habits

and at the same time raise money for

great causes around the world.

Charlie Smedley, Founder & CEO


It all started with an idea - In 2017 a man was riding in the backseat of a 4x4 cruising the Bolivian Salt Flats when an idea struck him, why not challenge people to a 28 day veggie-diet, to raise money for charity? 6 months later Veguary was born.


Our goals are simple, yes not 1 but 3...

1) To educate people on alternative ways to eat without having animal products 2) To free up pressures on agricultural lands giving the livestock industry the silent treatment for 28 days 3) Attempt to raise £50,000 through Veguary for great causes around the world.

Veguary is a tech-for-good company dedicated to a great cause that's well... dedicated to a great cause. We charge a very small fee, all of which is reinvested into furthering our goal of making February the flesh-free month of the year.

For profit and for good


As if tackling climate change and raising money for great causes wasn't enough, we strive on educating people on different ways to eat without having animal products. Our starter kit offers recipes, restaurants and other great tips to make February's challenge that little bit easier.

Our users trust us and we trust them, no information of theirs is traded with any third party company.  Donations are paid directly to the fundraiser at the end of the funding period, no ifs no buts.

Doing the right thing

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